Olive tree sponsorship

Adopt a Cretan olive tree for one year or donate the sponsorship to a loved one.

The sponsorship costs CHF 120 for customers in Switzerland and 100 Euros for godparents in Germany and you will receive the following services in return:

- A 5 liter canister of natural organic olive oil from our production with personal delivery in the Zurich area or by post to the desired address in Switzerland or Germany. Deliveries are made in February/March or October/November.

- A personalized sponsorship certificate with a picture of the olive tree by e-mail to print out. On request and for an additional charge of 20.00 CHF/Euros, we can send the certificate in paper form by post to the godparent. Certificate sample:

- Marking of the olive tree with the name of the sponsor.

- Visit of the olive tree and our farm by arrangement. .

With the sponsorship you support the organic cultivation of olives and the preservation of the beautiful nature on the island of Crete. The sponsorship is valid for one year and will not be automatically renewed.

We are not able to send olive oil to other countries than Switzerland and Germany. If you are living in a third country, you will have to pick up the olive oil at our farm in Crete and you will get a special price for the sponsorship.

Contact us and let us know the name of the godparent and the date of the beginning of the sponsorship:

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